52 Bible Lesson: Bible Introduction for Children (B&W Teacher Workbook)

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August 2017-July 2018, Color Cover- Black and White-Physical Teacher Workbook

This book was designed as a time-stamped curriculum to introduce children to the Bible.

Total: 262 pages, 52 Bible Lessons

This book was created for children 6-12 years old.  This book may be used as a Sunday School curriculum, weekly church activity, or as a home school curriculum.  This curriculum is designed for any Christian domination.  It starts in Genesis and systematically touches all 66 books of the Bible, encompassing lessons for major Christian events.  It incorporates the Christian calendar, school calendar, and major U.S. holidays because children's lives revolve around school and holidays.

It is designed for non-clergy and non-teachers, realizing that most volunteers at church do not have a degree in Divinity and/or Education.  Most lessons have a true 5-minute prep.  Inexpensive craft items may be easily found at most larger discount stores.  Most craft items can be found in a typical supply closet at church. 

This curriculum has an easy to follow format.  Each lesson begins with a “Warm-up” designed to get children focused on the lesson, but allows late-comers a chance to catch up.  Next is a “Lesson” that is planned for approximately 20 minutes.  During this time children will look up verses in their  Bible.  Encouraging them to really dig into their Bible and learn how it is laid-out.  The lesson is followed by a “Snack”.  The snack is optional and can be as elaborate or simple as you choose.  Ideas for snacks that relate to the lesson are provided each week; however, a standard simple snack is a great option.  Each lesson is concluded with an “Activity”, game, or craft that relates to the lesson.

You will need a copy of the Student Workbook.  You may purchase the Student Workbook at www.52BibleLessons.com.

To receive a sample of the Teacher Workbook, Student Workbook, and 3 Free Bible Lessons; go here: http://bit.ly/3FreeBibleLessons_2017

By His Grace,

Lorraine Gilbert, Author