52 Bible Lessons: Bible Introduction for Children (Teacher/Student Printed Combo with CD)

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Teacher Workbook (Color Cover-Black& White Interior) 

Student Workbook (Color Cover-Color Interior) 

CD-ROM that you can use to print additional copies of both the Teacher or Student Workbooks in either Black & White or Color. 

Bible curriculum created for children 6-12 years old.  This book may be used as a Sunday School curriculum, weekly church activity, or as a homeschool curriculum.  This book is designed for any Christian domination.  It starts in Genesis and systematically touches all 66 books of the Bible, encompassing lessons for major Christian events.  It incorporates the Christian calendar, school calendar, and major U.S. holidays because children's lives revolve around school and holidays.

To receive samples of the Teacher Workbook, Student Workbook, and 3 Free Bible Lessons; go here: http://bit.ly/3FreeBibleLessons_2017