52 Bible Lessons: Bible Introduction for Children (B&W Student Workbook)

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Color front and back cover, professional bound, black and white interior.

-Physical Student Workbook

Total: 60 pages, 52 Bible Lessons

*Digital copy of the Student Workbook available for immediate download, that you can print yourself here: https://52-bible-lessons.myshopify.com

CD version of both the Student and Teacher Workbooks are available here: https://52-bible-lessons.myshopify.com

You will need a copy of the Teacher Workbook.  You may purchase the Teacher  Workbook at https://52-bible-lessons.myshopify.com

To receive a sample of the Teacher Workbook, Student Workbook, and 3 Free Bible Lessons; go here: http://bit.ly/LearnMore52bibleLessons

By His Grace,

Lorraine Gilbert, Author